Vista product key is not validating

19-Jan-2018 09:24

It is at this point I learnt that it is possible to exploit legacy Windows setup behaviour. Copy the content's of your Windows setup media (in the case of a CD) or extract it from the ISO (in the case of a DL). Once you have the folder structure, open the "Sources" folder.3.

Create a new text file and paste the following into it:4.

Anyway as an interim measure i re installed my licensed copy of windows 7 on an old sata i had dug out from the cupboard, this was fine but as it was only a 150 gig i decided to replace it with a much quieter and bigger 500 Gig SATA drive.

The reinstallation went well until i was asked yet again for the product key, it now says my product key is invalid, how can that be, it's only been used on the same PC, i may have re -installed a few times on different drives but same PC so why suddenly does it refuse to accept??

The servers validate the entered product key and if they have not been used for the maximum number of installations allowed to be activated with the key, the current installation is automatically activated.

Since a product key can be used to activate a certain number of installations, the servers validate both the genuineness of the key and the number times it has been used to validate any other Office 2010 installation. The Office 2010 product ID is derived from the key and this is then validated by the Microsoft servers.

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Most of the licensing operation in Windows can be done via graphical user interface.

ince Windows Vista, Windows incorporates enhanced anti-piracy feature in the form of Software Protection Platform that incorporates Windows Product Activation (WPA) and Windows Genuine Advantage Validation for retail users.

In addition, corporate customers with volume licensing agreement now also have to activate each of the computers in their network under Volume Activation with either Multiple Activation Keys (MAK) or on-premise volume license key-management service (KMS) host or server for networked environments with 25 or more machines.

SLMgr script allows users to query the current installation and see details about Windows installation and its activation and licensing status.

can also be used to input or change 25-character product key that determines which Windows OS edition allowed to install and activate, and which also tells the Setup program whether you’ve purchased a full or upgrade license.

For those who aren't already aware (because this has apparently been happening for along time already), you may encounter the following situation. Prepare a superior version of Windows key that you have (never been used license).4.