Updating tnsnames

14-Dec-2017 15:23

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A connect descriptor contains the location of the listener through a protocol address and the service name of the database to which to connect.Clients and database servers (that are clients of other database servers) use the net service name when making a connection with an application.Advanced Then explicitly set the Tnsnames Directory My TNSNAMES was set up correctly and I could connect to Toad, SQL*Plus etc.but I needed to do this to get SQL Developer to work.If you make configuration changes on the server ($ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/tnsnames.ora) ensure you can connect to the database through the listener if you are logged on to the server.If you make configuration changes on the client (c:\oracle\product.1.0\db_1\network\admin\tnsnames.ora) ensure you can connect from your client workstation to the database through the listener running on the server. ORA file with an editor and plug in the required settings. Note the file is usually found in the ORACLE HOME/network/admin/ directory or %USERPROFILE%/App Data/Oracle with Windows 7.Multiple connect descriptors are characterized by the DESCRIPTION_LIST parameter. file specifies the protocol addresses of the listener.If there is only one listener protocol address, then use the ADDRESS parameter.

It caches the connection specifications (host, service name, port) the first time it reads the file.

The basic format of the The landmark book "Advanced Oracle SQL Tuning The Definitive Reference" is filled with valuable information on Oracle SQL Tuning.

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Anytime you change Oracle's or files, does the system require a reboot?

In my instance, I only have the Oracle client installed on the machine I'm referring to, but out of curiosity what would it mean for an Oracle server installation? A change shouldn't require a reboot but some applications will read and parse the at startup to be able to present a drop-down list of servers to the user, for example, and will cache whatever was read when the application started up rather than re-reading the file.file is by using a text editor to manually update the file; however, the SQL*Net Easy Configurator GUI can also be used.

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