Reasons for backdating

11-Sep-2017 01:58

Sometimes it may be necessary to write to you for more information, or to ask you to come in for an informal interview.Your application will be looked at within 21 days and you will be sent a letter telling you of our decision.Backdating - Housing Benefit - Pension Age claimants - no change Persons who have attained the qualifying age for state pension credit will retain the three months automatic backdating (not actually backdating).No changes to Good cause The good cause provisions have not changed.You will need to: Your backdated benefit claim will be treated as being received on the date you first submit it online.However, the benefit rules still require you to sign your claim before we can look at it.

Contact can be in person, by phone, email or in writing.We can backdate HB or CTS if you can prove that there is good cause or reason(s) why you were unable to apply for your benefit earlier.

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