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Here is where you should restrict access if it is required.

The latest version of Java 7 Update 51 that was deployed this week breaks access to Cisco ASA firewalls running ASDM. X” %ASA-6-302013: Built inbound TCP connection 112 for outside: X.

In most cases this Gateway has the icon and is named " You now need to define your VPN encryption domains.

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When an LDAP group is nested in another LDAP group, and the parent group is used in an 'Access Role', users in the nested group will not be identified as part of the parent group and will not be assigned to this 'Access Role'. User login events are logged by Identity Awareness as separate logins for different users if username is written in upper case letters, or in lower case letters - in all Check Point logs, the user is identified by the username with which the user has actually logged in - as if different user names were used ('After adding a new USM (User-based Security Model) user, query from vs0 on vs2 works with user credentials, but after setting the SNMP agent off and on again, same query with same user credentials responds with: "s When creating a route manually on the VR, and then creating a propagated route on the VS, duplicate routes are created on the VR with no warning or prevention, making it impossible to then make changes to the VR. Mobile Access blade does not function as expected when enabled on Virtual Systems of a VSX gateway that was upgraded from R77 to R77.10.The goal is to change 9948 (the 4 digit DN) to the full 10 digit phone number 9494289948 otherwise the SIP provider will reject a redirected call with only 4 digits in the user portion of the SIP URI in the Diversion header.