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The 3/5 and 3/10 m: Alternatives to declawing Declawing - A must read before declawing your cat Introducing a new cat in a house where other cats and/or dogs reside Pee or poop outside of the litter box Finding a lost cat: advice Choosing a good kitten from a good breeder Reducing stress during transportation We're moving Newborn coming soon? Myths debunked How to cope with your cat's euthanasia (The video version of this article is only available in French) INTRODUCING A NEW CAT IN A HOUSE WHERE OTHER CATS AND/OR DOGS RESIDE Picture yourself, sitting quietly watching TV, when all of a sudden, we introduce you to a person you don’t know and we tell you, “This is Arthur, he will share your home from now on! ” Your cat’s shock and surprise are understandable, even more so when we know the importance he grants his territory.

When you bring a new animal in the house, you are telling him, “This is your new life companion: from now on, you will have to share your territory with him, like it or not!

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to guarantee a successful introduction.

As things go well with the longer supervised visits, and even get better and better, you can reduce how much immediate, direct supervision you do.

You ought not have total full-time 24 hour free mingling of young kittens (under 5 months) and adult cats for the reasons discussed below.

Backtrack to the limited mingling if the cats weren't quite ready to be together all the time. Click here to bookmark/add this page to your favorites!

Cat-owning neighbours often keep an eye on their friends' pets, even pet-sitting for nights away or holidays.

In some cases cats are shared by two different households.

Now they split the cost of food but his owners pay for all the vet bills. "Jen Moss made an embarrassing discovery when she learnt who her fluffy black visitor belonged to.